Who are Hot Chemist?

Are you having trouble collecting your prescriptions?
At Hot Chemist, We Just Deliver.

We take away all the in between steps involved in travelling, waiting and collecting your prescriptions and it costs you nothing. Thanks to the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), all of your NHS prescriptions can be processed easily via our special software linked directly to your GPs computer. Find out more by calling us today on 01908 803499.

Our Story

Hi, Welcome to Hot Chemist

Hot Chemist are a team of skilled professionals here to succeed in building the best online prescription delivery service in England for you, our customer.

We want you to be part of our goal in reaching the number one online pharmacy in your area.

Why queue up?

Here at Hot Chemist, our mission is to create the exact opposite of a high street pharmacy experience. That means no more waiting in queues. No more fuel expenses when collecting you’re prescriptions. No more time wasted collecting medication owed to you. No more hassle. Plenty more time to enjoy with your family and friends.


Our team at Hot Chemist will act fast to deliver your NHS prescription medication direct to you, at no cost to you, and at no cost to the NHS.

That’s right, our service is free for everyone!

Using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), we can retrieve your prescriptions faster than a formula one car racing a lap around Silverstone.

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Are you popping out? Yep...it's still FREE delivery


Managing Director
Managing Director
Kalpesh SAVDAS

The Hot Chemist story began in 2012 in Milton Keynes. Jay Savdas, a qualified pharmacist and Kalpesh Savdas, experienced in sales and I.T.

One day, whilst playing football with friends, both brothers agreed to start a business together. Jay always dreamed of owning a pharmacy but knew that it would have to be different from a regular pharmacy. They knew that the internet was very popular. The obvious option was to start an internet pharmacy and Jay began researching and registered the trademark, Hot Chemist.

In 2014, Hot Pharma Ltd was formed and in 2016 they dispensed their first NHS prescription.

Starting out as a family business, the business has grown to a successful company with a team of exceptional staff.

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Join over hundreds of people

All of our patients are happy with our service and have been for years. Why not join us to find out. We’re always here to help. A free smile with every delivery.

Our Company

Hot Chemist is driven by exceptional customer service and continues to grow year on year.

We pride ourselves on our close-knit relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and other healthcare professionals.

We are striving to reduce our carbon footprint by becoming paperless. Let’s do our bit to save our only planet.