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Stay well 2019. It’s detrimental to your survival this winter

Stay Well 2019. If you are age 65 or above or have an underlying health problem. Winter may be particularly bad to your health.

When to see your pharmacist

Visit your pharmacist as soon as you feel unwell, whether it’s just a cold or cough. It’s best to see them before it gets serious. If you are less mobile or unable to reach the pharmacist then always ask someone to go for you, they could be a friend or relative, or they can also be reached by telephone.

Getting your flu jab

A flu job will be offered to you if you by the NHS if you are 65 or over or have a underlying health problem. It’s important you get the flu jab as it gives you the best protection against the flu. A nasal flu spray may be offered if you have young children or grandchildren, it’s free and will also give them protection. Get in touch with your pharmacist for more information. If your online you can read more about the flu jab on

Keeping warm

By keeping warm, your reducing your risk of catching colds, flu and serious health problems or diseases.

Tips for keeping warm:

  • By keeping windows closed at night, it prevents you breathing in cold air
  • Wrap up in lots of thin layers of clothing when out and about, and even indoors if you’re feeling particulary cold.
  • Try and move around indoors at least every hour, it keeps circulation to hands and feet going, and helps keep the body warm
  • Keep the temperature of your home at least 18C or more
  • There may be grants to help you with the cost of your bills or even pay less, visit
  • Get your boiler, cooker and heaters checked before the winter, this ensures there’s less risk of them breaking down when you need them the most. Visit

Essentials for your medicine cabinet

Keeping a few seasonal medicines in your cabinet at home may help to ease symptoms if you do get a cold, cough or feel a bit run down. Ask your pharmacist on what medicines to have at home to get you through the colder months. They can advise you on remedies for colds, coughs, sore throats or earache.

What to do when feeling unwell

  • Resting when unwell is going to give your body time to recover.
  • Drink plenty of liquids throughout the day to keep hydrated.
  • Have one hot meal a day or more if you can.
  • Take the medication/tablets you have been advised to take, if you’re not sure then ask your pharmacist.


You can order your repeat prescriptions and make GP appointments using the NHS App from the App Store. Ensure you have all the medicines you need over Christmas and especially when GP practices are closed. Remember to take your medicines and antibiotics at the right times. Stay well 2019.

Looking out for other people to Stay Well 2019

Keeping an eye on friends, family and relatives over the winter. Check and see if they need any extra help, this could be collecting some essentials for them in particulary harsh weather. If the roads and pavement are icy, older people may not be able to get out and about. Check they have enough food for a few days if you are not able to visit often.

If you have an elderly family member or relative who is still mobile and goes out frequently. Check they have a warm scarf around their mouth to stop the cold air getting in and shoes that have a good grip to avoid falls.Check they have their medication before the Christmas holidays begin, using an electronic prescription mean prescriptions are delivered to you without the need to go out and queue, especially in bad weather.

Call NHS 111 if the GP or pharmacy is closed and you require urgent help. Stay well 2019

You can also visit for further help and advice on non-urgent queries.

Remember these tips over winter to Stay Well 2019:

  • It’s essential to get your flu jab
  • Keep your home heated at 18C or more over winter
  • Find out about help towards your heating bills at
  • Visit your local pharmacist if you begin to feel unwell
  • Keep and eye on elderly relatives or family members and ask if they need any help.
  • Wrap up in layers when outside and indoors if feeling extra chilly

Important Contact information:

  • Visit or call 111 if you need advice but it’s not urgent.
  • You will then be told what to do next after answering a questions about your concern.
  • If it’s not too urgent or an emergency then contact your pharmacist or GP for further advice.
  • Visit if you need general advice.
  • Call 999 if it’s an emergency or life threatening.
Help us help you 2019
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