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What did you think of the last prescription your received from us? Did you love it? Or were you less than impressed?

Either way, we’d be grateful if you’d share your thoughts in a service review. It’s frank and impartial feedback from people like you which is so helpful to other customers when they’re deciding to choose Hot Chemist. What’s more, your star rating will be combined with others to help customers find the top rated pharmacy in just a couple of clicks. You’ll also be helping us to make sure our services meets all your needs, so there are benefits for everyone.

It only takes a couple of minutes to leave your feedback – simply search for our Hot Chemist page on the social media links below (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), then click on the link to leave a review. You don’t even need to sign in if you already have an account. Just complete some simple ratings, likes or shares and write a few lines to say what you liked or disliked about Hot Chemist. As long as it meets our guidelines, it’ll be published on our fan pages within a day or two.

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