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  • A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) may make your prescriptions cheaper if you pay for your prescriptions. You can buy prescription prepayment certificates from the NHS.

You can only buy a PPC if you live in England.

A 3 month or 12 month PPC is available to buy and will cover all your prescriptions for that period, no matter how many prescription items you need.

A prescription costs £9.35 per item (as of 01.04.21), but a PPC costs:

  • £30.25 for 3 months
  • £108.10 for 12 months

Do you have 4 or more prescriptions in 3 months? Or 12 or more prescriptions in 12 months? There is a saving to be made. 

How do I save money?

If you are going to buy 4 or more prescriptions in 3 months, or 12 or more prescriptions in 12 months, it may work out cheaper to buy a PPC.

Why is a PPC cheaper?


If you have four items:

4 x £9.35 = £37.40

Cost of a 3 month PPC is £30.25. Therefore a saving of £7.15.

If you have twelve items:

12 x £9.35 = £112.20

Cost of a 12 month PPC is £108.10. Therefore a saving of £4.10.

To help you spread out the costs of a 12 month PPC, you can pay in 10 monthly instalments when you buy a 12 month PPC.

How to buy

You can buy PPCs online by visiting

or call the order line 0300 330 1341 and pay by debit or credit card.

PPC order line

Telephone: 0300 330 1341

(find out about the call charges)

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