Dry January 2021

Dry January 2021. Amazing support right here and you will succeed

Dry January - what is it?

6.5 million people are taking part in this year’s Dry January, it’s a time to feel confident and renewed without alcohol.

By starting the year off with Dry January, you’ll soon realise that you may not need to drink as much as you thought you did. Alcohol Change UK can help you be aware of those around you and make the right choices when it comes to how much to drink.

  • 200,000 children in the Uk live with a parent whose dependant on alcohol.
  • 167,000 working years were lost in 2015 alone.
  • £3.5 billion cost to the NHS for alcohol related cases.

Alcohol Change UK

Dry January is run by the charity Alcohol Change UK. They research, support and campaign about alcohol awareness and its effect on families and society. By making a small donation if you’ve felt like Dry January has benefited you or even saved you money. It means they can continue to provide, help and support for free.

Benefits of Dry January

It can take a couple of weeks to notice the changes to your sleep. Consuming alcohol has influence over your REM sleep, which is needed for the development of the brain and health in general. By consuming more water instead of alcohol, you may find you can concentrate better, have fewer headaches and increase your energy levels.

Drinking more than you should can have many negatives on your health. It may cause liver disease, depression, increased risk of cancer and high blood pressure to name just a few. Just three drinks or more can increase your long term blood pressure to be higher than it should, contributing to risk of heart attacks and strokes. By taking part in Dry January you are likely to reduce these risks as blood pressure alone reduces after three weeks. Not to mention all the other benefits such as better wellbeing, mental health and changes in skin.

Six glasses of wine can contain 2000 calories! If you’re having one or more a day this can soon add up and result in weight gain. By joining in with Dry January and downloading the app, you can track your progress and calories to become healthier and fitter.

Saving you money during Dry January

Taking water with you when you’re out and about not only keeps you hydrated but will also save you a lot of money. Why not have something fun lined up to do or a weekend away somewhere with family. Dry January doesn’t have to to be just for the month. You can continue and be a healthier you with lowered risk of getting common health conditions associated with drinking alcohol.

Alcohol free drinks and Dry January

Alcohol free drinks have come a long way from what they use to be. With some drinks even winning awards compared to their rivals. It’s a great way to feel like you’re having something special but without the alcohol. Better for your health long term and your waist-line.

Unhealthy Associations

Social drinking has become the very fabric of social events. Whether it’s a wedding, getting together at the local pub or birthdays. It’s become normal to have a few in the evening. Taking part in Dry January helps you learn that you don’t need that extra drink in the evenings and saying no in social gatherings is fine. Learning that alcohol doesn’t have to be a central part of who we are or are lives enables us to gain control over our habits and make new ones that are going to benefit our bodies.

Make the change today and sign up for free for Dry January

Visit alcoholchange.org.uk

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Dry January 2021
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