Dry January 2020

Dry January 2020. Amazing support right here and you will succeed

Dry January 2020 is all about going alcohol free during the month of January. There are many great reasons to give up alcohol during January, apart from being the beginning of the new year. You’ll notice your days busier, money being saved and skin much healthier looking than before.

  • 70% of people said they had better sleep
  • 65% noticed they felt healthier
  • 86% saved money from not spending the extra

Research published in the British Medical Journal showed that just one month of no alcohol lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It also reduces your diabetes risk and levels of cancer related proteins in the blood.

Life changing benefits

Alcohol has been linked with many serious health conditions, including depression, seven types of cancer, high blood pressure just to name a few and is the biggest risk factor for death, poor health and disability for people aged 15 – 49. Reducing how much you drink for the future of your health means your reducing your risk to these conditions.

Most people who’ve taken part in Dry January 2020 have gone on to drink healthily all year round according to research by University of Sussex, over 70% of those that took part have had better levels of wellbeing amongst other profound changes.

Being alcohol free for 31 days tells our mind and bodies that to relax, have fun and socialise doesn’t mean we need to reach for a drink.

Why take part in Dry January 2020?

  • You double your chances of giving up alcohol for the whole of January with support from Alcohol Change UK.
  • Get the Try Dry App – it tracks money you’ve saved, calories and units.
  • Free coaching support – sign up for tips, stories and how to get the best out of doing Dry January 2020.

Go on give it a go, there’s better health to look forward too and money saved that could go towards something special, we’re here to help.

Dry January 2020
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