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Please read the information below to find out more about how Hot Chemist deliver to you.

At Hot Chemist we have a range of delivery options integrated into our company. Our distribution team will select the most suitable option when it comes to delivering your medication. Distribution of goods is split into two categories. “Courier” and “Hot Chemist Dispatch”.

For courier, we use Royal Mail and DPD to distribute goods.

We also have a friendly team of delivery drivers in our Hot Chemist Dispatch unit for deliveries within our current dispatch radius. Our reach is constantly growing and we hope that the Hot Chemist Dispatch team will be visiting your area soon.


We only accept NHS Prescription Orders from patients registered in England and dispatch prescriptions to addresses in the United Kingdom.

Age Restrictions

We only accept Prescription Orders from customers who are 18 years old or over although they may order prescriptions for persons who are under 18. By placing an order, you confirm that you are at least 18.

Verification of prescription

When we receive a prescription from you we will verify it against the information provided to us at the time the order was placed. In the event that the information does not match with your original order, we may try to contact you using the information in your registration. If we cannot contact you and we are unable to dispense the item(s) on your Prescription Order we reserve the right to return your prescription to you.

Prescriptions Charges

For NHS prescriptions you will be required to confirm eligibility for free prescriptions or to confirm you have a pre-paid prescription certificate. It is your responsibility to give accurate information and to not make a false declaration. For private prescriptions, the minimum charge will be £10.00 per item irrespective of the quantity of the particular item.

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Veterinary Prescriptions

Please note that prices quoted on our website are for prescriptions for humans (which are VAT exempt) and therefore the prices shown do not include VAT. Private prescriptions for animals are not exempt from VAT so we are unable to provide you with a price online.

Postage and Packaging Costs

NHS Prescriptions: delivered via Royal Mail. There is no charge for delivery. Delivered via Hot Chemist Dispatch. There is no charge for delivery.

Private Prescriptions: delivered via DPD next day service and will require a doorstep signature. Delivery costs £10.00.

NHS prescription items are delivered free of charge regardless of total order value.

Normal delivery charges will apply for non-prescription items in the same basket.

In providing payment card details, you confirm that you are authorised to use the card and authorise us to take payment in full for the applicable prescription charges, postage and packing charges and any other charges that become due to us under these terms. Refunds, if applicable, will only be made to using the payment gateway and/or card originally used for payment.

Non-Receipt of Prescription.

If you place a Prescription Order and we do not receive the relevant prescription, we will not have any liability to you and it will be your responsibility to contact us within 30 days regarding your prescription order.

Non-Availability/Suitability of Products

If any of the items on your prescription are not available, or are not suitable for dispensing through this service, we will try to contact using the information in your registration and refer you to your nearest chemist.

Delivery of fulfilled prescriptions

Prescription medicines will require a doorstep signature. Prescription items can only be dispatched once we have received your signed prescription, either in paper or electronic format. All private prescription items have a minimum order value of £10.00. All items are posted to the address provided by you in your registration or to an alternative address if directed by you. You acknowledge and accept that we have no control over the postal system and we have no liability in respect of items that are not received by you after we have dispatched them. You acknowledge and accept that items will need to be signed for on delivery and authorise any person at your chosen delivery address to sign for the items as your authorised representative. In the event that the packaging is opened after delivery, we will have no liability to you for lost or damaged items or for what third parties find out about you as a result.

Items requiring refrigeration/controlled drugs

Prescriptions containing items which require refrigeration or are controlled drugs will be accepted for dispensing and delivery.

Notification of errors

You should check the items dispensed to you carefully and promptly upon receipt. If you believe there may have been a dispensing error, you should contact us immediately and should not take or use any of the items.




Paying for your prescriptions

Once we have received and dispensed your prescriptions ready for dispatch, we will send a payment notification via email using PayPal as our payment service provider.

To ensure that we have your correct email address and please kindly register now and confirm that you pay for your prescriptions.

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